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Want to increase your social media presence?

July 11, 2014

Love it or hate it- you can’t avoid the powerful tool of social media.

Social media has rapidly grown and today it is one of the most important forms of marketing and can be used to really benefit your business.

In order to enhance your business using  social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, a basic understanding is needed.

Check out our top five social media tips to lead your business on a successful marketing path:

  • Increase your followers and ensure they are targeted to your audience
  • Build relationships with your followers by following them back and even send them a welcome message
  • Engage in conversations- it could be commenting on industry news or current hot topics
  • Develop a social media posting strategy and if possible post once a day. Regular posting will help to increase your number of followers
  • Be human-add your business’ personality into your social media posts. You don’t need to be overly formal with your posts if that’s not suited to your target audience.

Louise Lewis, Director of Red Box said: “As a full-service marketing agency, we know that businesses need to implement a successful marketing strategy to succeed and in today’s climate social media is paramount.

“A successful social media strategy could reach hundreds of extra consumers quickly and effectively and it costs little to implement.”

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