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The Power of Instagram

September 8, 2015

To the untrained eye many people trailing through Instagram may think the app is just an endless stream of over edited photos. But the photo app is so much more than that.

A recent study has revealed that only 28% of marketers use Instagram as a social media tool, this means over 70% of people are missing out on a great opportunity.

A well produced image can be a lot more descriptive than any press release. Pair this with a catchy caption and a couple of hash tags and you are onto a winner. This non intrusive way could win you a load of interested followers.

A hash tag acts as an online folder for anyone to view. Searching a certain hash tag will bring up every single image ever hash tagged with the particular descriptive work typed. Instagram also upped their game when they added the video feature to their social media platform. Allowing a 10 second peek into the lives of followers.

Celebrities have also been known to sponsor and promote products via their Instagram pages, their hash tags and existing followers can turn into customers for your brand or product.

Internet and social media users are developing shorter and shorter attention spans, so an image is right up their alley. If you can get their attention in those first few seconds, it can be more powerful than any article or press release.