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Businesses are failing to take advantage of social media

August 20, 2014

It has recently been revealed* that consumers will pay more attention to businesses that market themselves via social media.

The survey revealed that 34 per cent of consumers admitted that they follow small businesses on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This could rise to 70 per cent if small businesses did more to encourage consumers to interact via social media.

Women and young people between the ages of 18-24 are the most likely to follow companies and organisations via social media. However, consumers of all ages are currently using social sites and it is a trend that is set to rise over the next few years.

Among the 55+ age group that were asked, 51 percent revealed that they would follow small businesses if they had a social media presence and if they provided them with an incentive to follow. 

Louise Lewis, Director at Red Box Marketing, said: “We encourage all of our clients to use social media as it is such an influential marketing tool.

“Today social media is huge and is used by businesses and organisations all over the world.

“It is a fantastic way to reach a large audience almost instantly without spending a lot of money.”

*by a survey conducted by NPowers small business division (1,500 participants)