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Winning Apprentice visits Shell

January 31, 2013

Award-winning West Cheshire College Apprentice, Gemma Walmsley, was rewarded for winning Shell Motor Vehicle Student of the Year with a day-long visit to Shell’s Technology Centre in Thornton to discover more about the development of fuel and lubricants.

Steve Bricknell, Shell research technician, showing Gemma preparation of a car’s engine instrumentation prior to chassis dynamometer testing.

Gemma, 19, from Ellesmere Port picked up the award at West Cheshire College’s Annual Awards ceremony in January and part of her prize was to spend a day at one of the UK’s leading mechanical testing centres, which run some of the world’s most advanced fuel and lubricant tests.

Gemma currently works at SW Performance Ltd in Ellesmere Port and does her training through West Cheshire College.

During Gemma’s day at Shell, she worked with the Engine and Vehicle Technology team and was able to see advanced vehicle testing systems in action.

Gemma said: “I really enjoyed working at Shell and it was a really fascinating day. The visit was really informative and it gave me a great insight into the work that goes into fuel.

“I was surprised at the sheer size of the workshops and found it really interesting to learn about the level of work that goes into testing cars.”

Thornton Site Manager, Holger Paesler, said: “We have a long-term relationship with West Cheshire College’s Motor Vehicle department and we were delighted to welcome Gemma to our technology centre. 

“Seeing research and testing in action at first hand really is the best way to learn more about the automotive industry - to complement  the learning in college - and to help apprentices consider future career paths .”

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